December's view through my iphone

December was a blur.  It came and went with whole lot of family, parties, and fun.  Needless to we are all off any sort of schedule that we may have had and this momma is ready for some order!  With that said here is our December...
Our first shot with THREE. I spent many a morning just like this.  Hands very full.

Beck at 3 weeks old

Many 5 am feedings.  He is so sweet.

Sisters at the Asay pool
Me Meg and Bri

Gingerbread house's.  Great babysitter.  Big mess.

Cash and Grace had a darling Christmas program at Kids Village.  Santa said they had been good.  I told him he needed to stop by our house for a more accurate reading!

Auntie Meg lovin' on Beck

Megan and Bryce had a fantastic HAT party.  Grace and I were very excited!

C and G in their hats so excited for Meg and Bryce's party

Grams and Beck at the Hat party so cute!!

A very appropriate "shirtless" spaghetti dinner with the Asay cousins

Nan and baby B at 4 weeks old

Grandma Losee holding Beck for the first time

My dad's Aunt Judy and my daddio

We have not seen much of these guys it has been a busy holiday season.
Brielle Cash Grace and Dean with their rudolph noses

Date  night with me and B
heading to Karl and Wendy's Christmas dinner

This Santa was AMAZING best one I have EVER seen.
He thought Beck had been really good this year.

Another 5 am baby B

Beck at 5 weeks
Hearty and Healthy!

Cash got Beck to smile for the first time.  It was such a sweet moment and I was lucky to have it on camera.

Merry Christmas Eve from the barn

Christmas was a huge success.  We spent the night at home and had to wake Grace up.  It was a great day filled with TONS of family.  We were all exhausted as shown in the picture below.

Notice G's eye's.  She was pretty worn out!

Cash got a motorcycle from Santa and the kid can ride.  Grace, Cash, and Mack spent a whole Saturday riding all over  Pop and Nan's land.  The kid has skills.

Beck 6 weeks old

Happy New Year to you and your.
This handsome doll was my New Years kiss!


Sarah said...

Such cute pictures Britt, your kiddos are so cute and you are gorgeous!!!

♥ Audrey Crisp said...

Beck is so cute!!! Our little guys are about the same age? Happy New Year!

Jene and Megan said...

Very cute!! November babies are hard because you are recovering and getting used to your new bundle and then BAM! All the holidays come and go in a total blur...I vow to never again have a November baby, 2 is enough for me!! haha...glad to see you are doing well. Baby B is darling!