February...Flew By!

My oh my how time flies!  It is unreal!  I am trying not to blink in effort to soak up every waking moment of Beck's infancy, but those efforts seem all for not.  The baby is growing so fast and it is bitter sweet. Each day brings smiles and tears.  I had forgotten the emotions that come with having a new born.  Needless to say we are smitten and our lives seem to moving like the speed of light.

February 4th our little man was given a name and a blessing.  What a precious and joyous moment.  We celebrated the day with close friends and family.

The Spread was a unreal thanks to Grams, Grampy, Nan, and Pop

It was breakfast/french bakery themed and man oh my it was delicious

All the Lovelies that made it possible. Grams, Nan, Bri, and Tiff

Beck Nicolas Asay

My small slice of heaven on earth

The party goers Uncle Taft, Cash, and Dean

Me and Mr. B

The Boys Beck Mack and Cash

Preparing for Valentines.  This actually turned out pretty cute.  You take a print of all of their hands and then draw green stems on them to resemble flowers.

Miss. Grace Valentines morning

My Valentines

This was the photo we sent to their Nan in Pop who were in Africa

Daddy brought home Grace her very own and first bouquet of flowers.

Grace got to sleep at Grams and Gramps house in February and this was the calendar counting down the days!

Family Night

Lunch date with my munchkins

Doll Baby

Daddy and Grace got to attend a daddy daughter fairly tale ball a Kids Village the had a nice night just the two of 'em.

While G and Daddy went to the Ball, I took the boys to Prove Beach Resort

Cash Man killed it on the ropes course.  He LOVED it!

There has been a lot of this going on at our house.  Grace being the queen of questions you can only imagine these conversations.

Cash ready to take on the world!

Bothers.  I love this photo I think there will much more of this to come.
Grace and Bubs
He is four months in this pictures and is this happy 98% of the time
I love this photo it depicts Beck perfectly.  His hands are like this almost all day.  I am crazy about him.



Tiffany said...

It's crazy how much Beck already looks like both Cash and Grace. He's darling!

♥ Audrey Crisp said...

He's so cute! What a yummy blessing! That food looks delicious! What cute kids you have!